Legal research and writing are essential components of your clients' legal strategy, no matter the issue. They can help you win the case and save your clients' money by presenting compelling arguments based on sound legal doctrine.  Incomplete research can, literally, kill a case.  

But you've got a busy practice.  Be more efficient and let me help you with:

  • legal & academic writing and research, including factums, pleadings, memoranda, case law research & analysis;
  • writing or editing articles, books, websites, speeches, press releases, advisories and other materials;

I have extensive experience in writing and editing for both legal, academic and popular audiences.  In addition to my legal training and an undergraduate degree, I also hold a two-year Master's Degree with an orally defended thesis.  My work has been cited with approval by no less than the Australian High Court.

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Some examples of my legal, academic and popular writing: