You may think that you don't need a will because you "don't own anything" but that's not true!

Everyone should have an will: you get to decide how to distribute your property and provide direction for your child's care and for funeral plans. Dying without a will also means extra work for your friends and family which they don't need at such a traumatic time. Equally important are the powers of attorney for property and power of attorney for personal care (sometimes known as "living wills") which appoint persons to make property or health decisions while you are alive but unable to look after yourself.

But can you write your own will? Yes, you can use a will kit available from your local book store but wills require precise language to capture many possible eventualities. Improperly drafted wills create great burdens on your estate, financially, and on your executors who have to sort out the mess.

I will sit down with you and discuss your estate needs and prepare documents that reflect your values and beliefs. I can also help your family in administrating your estate after death.

While in law school, I was awarded the Scotiabank Award for Wills for the highest mark in Wills & Succession.