"Dan is a great lawyer and his attention to detail, precision, steadfastness, and trustworthiness are all hallmarks of his style.   He is also an accomplished writer and researcher  and I often use his services. I would recommend him to anyone.

Luigi Ferrara, OAA, MRAIC, Hon. ACID O, ICSID Senator
Director, Centre for Arts & Design
George Brown College

"I have worked with Dan over the years in both a professional and personal capacity, and would recommend him for any project or service. Whether it was working with him on a committee, setting up my business, or drafting my last will and testament, Dan provided the highest level of professionalism and dedication, no matter the task at hand.

Not only would I recommend him for services, I would use him again myself."

Frank Bonta
Proposal Professional

Toronto, Ontario

"I am now building my fitness business and I did not hesitate to work with Mr. Nelson once again. His professionalism, creative insights and direction definitely give me a sense of security and, most importantly, Trust."

Maria Dy, The PerFit U
Guelph, Ontario

"Drafting a will was not a procedure I was looking forward to, but thanks to Dan's preparation and knowledge he made the process as straightforward as possible. Dan was very transparent, and was able to answer all my questions with legal and practical insight. His experience helped me craft some unique and personalized requests, as well as advise on how to best accommodate common practices and expectations, both of the will maker, and on the behalf of those mentioned within my will.

Finally, as an example of superior customer service, when circumstances in my life changed, Dan recalled details of my will that would be affected, and initiated the process of my having to change the language within, before I even recalled these details myself."

Jennifer T. Craig,
Toronto, Ontario

"A man of unusual talent, Dan demonstrates a high level of intelligence, ambition, and determination. I was impressed not only with his ambition to succeed but also his reliability and integrity."

Jack Gordon
Janetville, Ontario

"I was impressed with the care and thoroughness of Mr. Nelson's work, with the cogency and lucidity of his writing, with the high standards he set himself, with the inventiveness of his approach and with the frequent originality of his perceptions and conclusions. I am glad to commend Mr. Dan Nelson as an intelligent, capable, diligent, and responsible individual."

Thomas H.B. Symons, C.C., O.Ont., F.R.S.C.
Founding President and Vanier Professor Emeritus,
Trent University

"I think highly of Dan and recommend him to you."

John W. Whiteside, O.Ont., Q.C., L.S.M.
Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor